5 mei 2012

Aardbeving UPDATE

5/5/2012 -- Earthquake overview -- North / Central / South America - Asia - S. Pacific, Europe

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Hierbij even een snelle update…

Always have your earthquake preparedness plans ready to go -- as you may well know -- earthquakes can strike at any time, especially in already seismically prone areas.

Add in the current slight earthquake unrest globally -- and you begin to see the greater picture, that having a plan (and knowing it well is a good idea.....)

Food, water, shelter, transportation, communications, power source, clothing... all things you need to plan and prepare for -- possibly even self defense in certain scenarios.
Make sure yourself, loved ones/friends, family etc.. know the plan and are able to also enact it at a moments notice.

Be safe, and much love to one another


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Large Sinkhole ALMOST Swallows Up Florida Home - May 4, 2012

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Another large sinkhole? It seems like this is happening all over the world. I can't even imagine wanting to be living in this neighborhood after something like this happens. I pray for the safety for the people in that neighborhood.